You will find exhibits, demonstrations and activities in woodworking, metalworking, electronics, arduino, raspberry pi, textiles, lock sport, robotics, Ham radio, soldering, leather making, handmade music & props, 3-D printing, and lots of other cool stuff.

For Minne-Faire 2013, we have confirmed 45 exhibitors and vendors! We have tried to include a full list below.

Demonstrations & activities:

  • 3D Printers – Various 3D printers demonstrating how they work.
  • BattleChair – JEEP-mounted motorized chair. As fun as it is terrifying.
  • Face painting
  • Hackercade MAME cabinet – An arcade machine with 6200+ old school games (and built from mostly reused Hack Factory Materials)
  • Ghostbusters! – showing off two of their ecto-mobiles
  • Ham Radio – Listen and learn. A fun introduction to the world of Ham radio.
  • Locksport
  • Mosaic – A large scale collaberative mosaic mural using recycled bottle caps. All Minne-Faire attendees are encouraged to participate.
  • PPPRS – Powerwheel Racing Series demos


Brown Dog Gadgets – We’ll be showing off DYI Solar USB Chargers and other funny hobby solar projects. We’ll also be showing off our Folding USB Solar Cells which we’re currently doing a kickstarter.

Crazy But Able – Interesting DIY audio and lighting projects.

Epilog Laser – Epilog Laser engraving machine with samples and demonstration.

GetLoFi – Custom guitars, DIY kits, electronic noise makers and vending machines

Kaiser Electrical Instruments – Hand-built electronic and acousto-electric musical instruments.

Medina & Zahn Woodwork – Benito Medina makes beautiful wooden objects for everyday use; Ute Zahn crafts violins the traditional way. There will be some violin work happening on the premises! Benito’s spatulas, letter openers, bookmarks etc will be for sale, and we will both be there to chat, talk, answer, explain, expound, and discourse.

nootropic design – Innovative electronics for hobbyists, designers, educators and industry.

Plays with Fire – Sculptures made of found objects welded by tweens Zach and Nick

The Puppet Forge – We make PUPPETS. We also produce a television show called Transylvania Television.

Recycle Rosie – Home sewn goods from rescued fabrics. Pocket belts, tote bags, dolly clothes. Finger rings made from old bead jewelry. Jewelry made from metal hardware parts.

Skysong Productions – Multi-media artist and musician, and will be presenting batik eggs, fused glass and up-cycled textile products. By using sustainable materials such as recycled fabric and long-lasting glass. All work is produced as environmentally-friendly as possible. All sewing is done on a leg-powered century old treadle machine.


The 612 Mobile Sauna – A local DIY mobile sauna project

Arduino.MN – We are group of Arduino enthusiasts based in the Minneapolis / St. Paul, Minnesota area. Our monthly meetings involve networking, tutorials and learning everything we can about Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Open Hardware from each other. Meetings are the first Thursday of each month and are held at Code 42 Software located at 1 Main St SE. Suite #100, Minneapolis, MN 55414.

The Choosatron – The Choosatron is an interactive fiction arcade machine. It was developed using the open source Arduino micro-controller, a thermal printer, and other off the shelf components as an experiment in bringing a classic style of creative writing and game design back to the physical world in which it started. Jerry Belich, the creator, is working on developing Choosatron kits and use them to teach kids about the Maker movement, creative writing, and game design in a fun and unique way.

GOFIRST – A bunch of college students at the U of M and we build robots.

Gunship Lily Guitars – Demo hand shaping (with a wood scraper) the neck of a bass guitar. All the power tool will be complete at that stage, so it will be a relativity quite demo. Also will talk about hand crafting guitars for interested musicians. I talked about guitar making last minne-maker faire. This time I want to have a hands on process using simple un-powered woodworking tools.

Hennepin County Fix-It Clinic – At Fix-It Clinics, residents bring in small household appliances, clothing, electronics and more and receive free guided assistance from a volunteer with repair skills to disassemble, troubleshoot and fix their item. Fix-It Clinics teach valuable troubleshooting and basic repair skills, build community connections and reduce the amount of stuff that gets thrown in the trash.

K-LUG Rochester – A Linux user group from Rochester, Mn. (http://k-lug.org) No longer truly just linux, we have monthly meetings on technology of all kinds and over the years have added monthly social events as well. Recently several of us participated in The Deconstruction 2013. Over 60 teams teams competed worldwide and our team projects were chosen as one of Wired Magazines top six. The Minne-Faire will give us a good opportunity to learn more about Maker type happenings in the Twin Cities, show off our projects and have some fun. Our projects for the Deconstruction included a Solar powered Japanese Style Tea Lantern, a PVC based bike trailer and the Recyclotron aluminum can crusher. We plan to have all these on display

MakerKidsSponsored by Roosevelt Robotics FRC Team 2480 (Sunday only) – Kids and kids at heart can make their own super balls, ultraviolet bead bracelets, and daVinci parachutes. Also, come take the omni drive robot for a test spin.

Mini Beer Pong – by Scienz – Mini Beer Pong is a transformation of the classic party game into a space-conscious, action-packed table-top entertainment solution with patented features that make it suitable for all kinds of environments. Utilizing spring-loaded ball launchers to shoot tethered balls into mini cups by the same rules and practices as traditional beer pong, MBP eliminates the annoyances associated with the game, like chasing ping pong balls, spilling cups, and taking up lots of space to play

Northern Spark – Northern Spark is a festival where we look at art, experience community in a new way, and see the cities in a new light. The festival will be held on Saturday (into Sunday morning), June 8, 2013 from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. with the main hub at Union Depot, hosting nearly 25 projects. Performances, visual arts, projected images, interactive media, and participatory events will bring together a multitude of artists who create art projects in partnership with numerous arts organizations at multiple venues. The public is invited to join this all-night adventure to see the city in a new light.

Odegard - Completed wood projects, and poster/design work from Chris Odegard, who created the Minne-Faire posters and t-shirt art.

Replica Movie Props – A local group of makers that re-created props from thier favorite movies and tv shows.

Ted Moore – A sound art installation involving speaker cones, water, and light. Technical Assistance by Mark Halvorson.

Tipsy Bike – Tipsy Bike is a completely mobile audio, video and internet connected bicycle platform. It rocks two 12 and two 15 inch amplified speakers along with lasers and lights that move to the beat, a projector for 300ft wide projections of music videos, films or karaoke and can be used by live musicians given a mic and a 6 channel mixer. We hope to inspire and engage community in discourse and fun, fun times while reclaiming public space for collective use.

Treeby Art – Just drawings and paintings, and a bronze statue or two.

Twin Cities Robotics Group – We are a loose affiliation of people interested in robots, located in the Twin Cities metro area. No membership dues, meeting minutes or officers. Just robots.

Use of Weapons – Demonstrations of hand made trebuchets, ballistas, wooden bows, and fun!

Wayne and Layne – Open source electronics by Wayne and Layne. This year, we’re bringing LEGO + Arduino!

We Can Grow – We Can Grow is a nonprofit that provides raised bed gardens for low income families in the Twin Cities. We believe that everyone should have access to a healthy garden and an opportunity to share the harvest with others. Along with empowering low income families in not all we do. We believe in doing all we can to build community in our community. We provide classes here at the Hack Factory and throughout the Twin Cites.

Wooden furniture – Modern wood chairs by sculptor, Susan Solarz

Yurt – A 16 foot diameter Mongolian Ger made at the Hack Factory by two local makers.

Addtional projects on display:

  • Knot Work
  • Metal Bird Sculpture
  • Rocker Cradle & Harmonograph

Exhibitor registration is now closed

The registration form for exhibitors is now closed. If you registered and have not received a confirmation, or would like to be added to the waiting list (in case of a cancellation), please contact us using our contact form or send an email to faire at tcmaker dot org.